A New Perspective

Sorry I haven’t written in so long! I’ve been busy with college applications, but now they’re done!!! I probably won’t be able to write more after this until late January because I have midterms, but then I’ll be back!

Anyway… Here’s today’s post:

I’ve been debating/discussing religion with an agnostic friend of mine lately. Okay, it’s a debate from her perspective. From my perspective, it’s evangelizing.

A few days ago we started from the top: Does a Creator exist?

This was a question my friend posed; to be honest I would have never thought of asking this. I’ve always believed in God, so this isn’t something on my radar. But my friend’s perspective was interesting to me. It made me ask myself, “Hey, why do I believe in God anyway?” I had no real good answer for my friend except for personal things that have happened to me that make me believe. But that wasn’t good enough for my friend. So I did my homework, and in doing so, I’ve grown in my own faith, and I was able to convince my friend that a Creator exists (score!).

So, I figured I’d share what I found.

The best argument for the existence God that I could find was St. Thomas Aquinas’ argument from contingency. I’ll give the basic argument followed by a concrete example.

The argument

1. Everything/everyone is contingent, meaning it/he/she has a beginning and end. In other words, nothing’s eternal.
2. Something must cause these beginnings and ends.
3. If this causation agent is also contingent, then something must have caused it.
4. The causation chain continues.
5. In the end, there HAS to be something incontingent—a Creator who is without beginning or end.

Example given by Fr. Robert Barron in his book Catholicism

A cloud is contingent—it did not always exist, and it will go bye-bye when it rains.

What caused the cloud??
Air pressure, water vapor, temperature.
But these are contingent too!

So, what caused air pressure, water vapor, and temperature??
The jet stream, the rotation of the earth, the water cycle.
But these are contingent too!

The causation chain continues.

Eventually you get to the Big Bang. But that too is contingent! The Big Bang had a start—BOOM!

So where did the Big Bang come from? Who or what made it go BOOM? That’s where Someone incontingent comes in: GOD!!!

You don’t need to ask the question, “Where did God come from?” because He simply IS.

So there you have it: God exists!!!

If you’re reading this and you don’t believe in God, comment!!! Tell me what you find problematic. I’m confident that I can find the answer somewhere for you. That is the great thing about Catholicism—2000 years of history offers many answers!!

Happy New Year! God bless!


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