The Silver Lining of the College Admissions Process

College admissions. The words bring me and any other high school seniors chills. Long-winded applications. Essays. Application fees. Essays. SATs. Feeling bad about making teachers write you recommendations. More essays. On top of regulator homework and multiple AP classes and scholarship applications.

So yeah, college admissions aren’t all that fun. Probably the worst part is the uncertainty of what is going to happen.

But I would argue that some good does come out of the process. I definitely learned more about trusting in God and His plan for me. I prayed every day that He would admit me to the schools that were best in His plan and that would be good fits for me. Yes, I had a #1 choice, but I didn’t pray for this school in particular very often because I wasn’t sure if it was right for me anyway.

In the end, I was admitted to this school, and I will probably go there in the fall! The more I learn about it, the more I see how great of a match it really is for me.

And then I started reflecting on the events of my life and how everything lined up perfectly for me to get this acceptance. I moved to my current home from out of state when I was 11. Of course, I thought it was the worst thing at the time. However, in retrospect, I would have never applied to this school if I had still lived in my former home. It would have been too far away. God works in such wondrous ways!

Of course, I still haven’t made my final school choice yet. I still have to visit this college’s admitted students’ days and stay overnight. But I am confident that God will lead me in the right direction!

“Thy will be done.”


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