Beauty of God’s Creation

I live in the Northeast, so much of my year is spent buried in snow. Snow is pretty when it first falls, but once it gets to be February, it gets kind of old. The beginning of spring is kind of ugly…the grass hasn’t gotten green yet, the trees are still bare. Everything just looks kind of dead until summer comes.

But it’s that time of the year now, that time of the year when things get pretty. I was struck by the beauty of the world when I looked out my window today: green grass, vibrantly yellow dandelions (I don’t care if they’re weeds; I love them!), butterflies, blue sky, fluffy clouds, sun shining in that way characteristic of summer. Everything was just so…ALIVE! And I couldn’t help but smile. After a period of death during the winter months, God’s creation has come alive again! He never lets us down.

It seems like almost everything in Christianity can be traced to this literal of figurative idea of death and life again through God. Noah’s Ark. The journey from Lent to Easter. Baptism. And the most obvious of them all: Jesus’s death and resurrection, which forgave our sins and gives us new life.

I ❤ God!


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