What Makes Passionately Catholic Teens?

Some teens happily and willingly go to Mass. Others sit moodily in Confirmation class waiting to go home. So what causes this difference?

In my opinion, it has everything to do with the parents. It’s really pretty simple. If the parents passionately profess the Catholic faith, their kids will too. If the parents don’t really care, their kid won’t really care either. I mean seriously, how can a teen be happy to go to Confirmation class if his/her parents aren’t enthusiastic about church? Even if the parents reluctantly go to Mass, that’s still not good enough. Teens pick up on that. The parents have to be genuine about their love of God and the Church.

Of course, I love being Catholic even though my parents aren’t devout. (I used to be that teen who thought religion classes were a pain. See my conversion story for more details on how that changed.) Unfortunately, I tend to be more the exception than the rule.

But I don’t know one truly devout family whose teens have rejected the faith.


2 thoughts on “What Makes Passionately Catholic Teens?

  1. Interesting theory! I was raised a “Cradle Catholic”, however, my parents never expressed the passion for the faith that I now know so well. In fact, my parents have labeled me “extreme” in my faith… and they do not support my youth ministry career. I think that bringing up a child in the faith will introduce him/her to God, but that is not what sets them on fire. I believe that it is through the witness of other joyful teens and leaders that really gives people this fire.

    • Yeah, I am also a “cradle” Catholic but my parents think my passion for Catholicism is weird. (My mom nearly cried because she thought I wanted to be a nun, which I don’t even think I have a calling for.)
      Thank you for sharing your theory! I can see how it would work that way too! 🙂

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