Christian Music Recommendations

Lately I’ve been getting into Christian music. It’s a breath of fresh air not to have to worry about skipping over the swears in secular songs, ’cause Christian songs don’t have swears. Also, interestingly, Christian music puts me in a better mood. I never thought that I payed any attention to the lyrics of songs. But apparently I do subconsciously.

So, fittingly, I just got a request from a reader of my blog to do a post on Christian music recommendations.

Here’s my take on the Christian music world: Some songs are great, others do not agree with Catholicism. I’m going to give reviews of some of the songs I frequently hear on the radio.

Artist: Matt Maher

Song: Oh, Lord How I Need You

Catholic-Compatible?: Yep; Matt Maher is Catholic.

Artist: Plumb

Song: One Drop

Catholic-Compatible?: Couldn’t find out whether Plumb is Catholic, but the lyrics, which I examined, seem to be fine. I’m a big fan of this one!

Artist: Tobey Mac

Song: Me Without You

Catholic-Compatible?: Pretty sure Tobey Mac isn’t Catholic, but his lyrics seem fine. I’m a big fan of this song– it’s on my iPod.

Artist: Mikeschair

Song: All I Can Do (Thank You)

Catholic Compatible?: Seems to be. Two of the lines go: “Wanna thank You for the grace / I know I don’t have to earn.” Catholics and Protestants disagree on how salvation is obtained, but this a point we can all agree upon, that we are saved by freely-given grace. While Protestants believe that we are saved by grace given to us because of our faith, Catholics believe that we are are saved by grace given to us because of our faith and good works.*

Artist: Josh Wilson

Song: Carry Me

Catholic Compatible?: Yes. I see no problems with the lyrics.

Artist: Steven Curtis Chapman

Song: Long Way Home

Catholic Compatible?: Yeah! I really like this song too!

All in all, very few songs on Christian radio channels are hostile to Catholicism! Yay! Just be sure to always gauge whether what you listen to matches your faith. Happy listening!


*This paragraph was edited March 23, 2016 in response to an error caught by an astute reader, James Kelly. (Thanks!) Originally, I said that Catholics believe we are saved through grace and works. In reality, we believe we are ultimately saved by grace through faith and works. See this link for more info:


7 thoughts on “Christian Music Recommendations

  1. Amen! I am a fan of Matt Maher. Although I highly doubt you’ll ever hear his song, “The End and the Beginning” on Christian Radio. =) I also recommend Curtis Stephen (check out “Benediction” and “In the Zone”) and Tom Booth (esp. “Sacred Silence”). I don’t know if they’re played on Christian radio much… but I used to stream (when you could do so) and got to be a fan that way.
    I also love trying to find gems in secular music. It’s not easy, but if you check me out, you’ll see I’m into that sort of thing. Blessings!

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  3. Love the songs you chose! I grew up listening to Christiam music and still do although now I do mix it in with secular music that still has a positive message. TobyMac has always been one of my favorites…even though he isn’t Catholic his songs are just so uplifting! If you ever get a chance to see him in concert do it. He puts on a great uplifitng, high energy show but makes it clear the whole time it’s all for God. Great post!

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