How to Evangelize Young People

I’ve been on so many awesome retreats lately! For one of the retreats I was not only a participant, but also held a leadership position. Initially, I thought my duties as a leader might detract from my own experience. I learned that that is entirely untrue. My experience was enriched as a leader.

There really truly is nothing more fulfilling than helping others in their faith. I definitely wouldn’t have been ready to take on this role a couple of years ago. I am now at a point where I am comfortable enough with my Catholic faith that I am ready to share with others.

Here are what I see as the keys to evangelizing young people:

1) Be joyous. Others will wonder why you’re joyous and when they find out the cause of your joy is Jesus, they will want to find joy in Him too.

2) Be a people-person. Talk to tons of people and have a genuine interest in them. Try really hard to remember their names. Evangelization is all about relationships. Make lots of friends. They’ll see that you’re nice and will link that niceness to your Catholic faith.

3) Don’t be afraid to be goofy. Throw all self consciousness aside, especially in the retreat setting. Do the goofy dance moves that go with songs. Have an over-abundance of team spirit if you’re split into groups. Others will sense your enthusiasm and link it to a love of Catholicism.

4) Be devout in front of the Blessed Sacrament, at Mass, etc. Others will emulate this and understand the importance of God.


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