“Catholic” Means “Universal” … even at a secular college!

Without disclosing where I go to college, let’s just say it’s highly secular…  

…which is why I was a little worried in the months leading to my college debut. 

Were my beliefs going to be questioned the minute I moved in? Were professors going to subtly bash religion? Would I be surrounded by ardent atheists? Would I be able to stand up to all of this?

All that worry for nothing! I’ve found my faith life mixing with my academic life and social life more than ever before at the wonderful secular college I now call home!

  1. People, especially agnostics, like to talk about religion. College (at least my college) isn’t like the regular world where people gasp when you mention the word “God” among them. People have a genuine intellectual curiosity, and they want to know the truth about the world. Talk about evangelization opportunities! 😀 So I go to Mass on Sundays with all my agnostic and almost-leaving-the-Church Catholic friends. 😀
  2. I do most of my studying at the Catholic Center. A lot of other people do too. So I’ve made a lot of good friends of all class years that way. Studying at the Catholic Center also puts me in the right place to go to activities at the Catholic Center that day, like Bible studies and discussion groups and daily Mass and guest speaker presentations. So my academic life is interspersed with study breaks that are spiritually fulfilling and often quite intellectual. 😀
  3. The Catholic Center also has a lot of social events. So while my peers are getting blacked-out-drunk on Friday and Saturday, I’m happily and soberly playing games, watching movies, and baking cookies at the Catholic Center. 😀

Now I know why “catholic” means “universal”! Catholicism works everywhere!   


3 thoughts on ““Catholic” Means “Universal” … even at a secular college!

      • Catholic school until 7th grade. Homeschooled 8th, and now at public high school. It’s not as scary as I thought it would be, but my friend’s school sounds . . . interesting. She said people are nice there, but there are also some bad influences.

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