Daily Mass (!!!!!)

Why must Masses be seven whole days apart!!? Come about Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday, my soul is just aching the greatest prayer of all time! Know what I mean? You want that busy week broken up with some legit Jesus time. 

Well, welcome to #23419287413847893274018 on why the spiritual scene in college is so much more awesome than the spiritual scene in high school. 

The Catholic Center at my college holds daily Mass once a week. And it’s not at 8 AM. It’s in the evening, when adolescents can actually function (and don’t have classes). I’ve been going, and it’s fantastic! I highly recommend daily Mass to my fellow college students.

Reasons Daily Mass is Great

1. It allows you to see the true and simple beauty of the Mass. At my Catholic Center, anyway, daily Mass isn’t as elaborate as Sunday Mass: there’s no music; there aren’t too too many people (ten undergraduates at best). So, perhaps one would logically think that the Mass would lose its profundity. Not so. It’s still just as amazing, if not more amazing. 

2. It breaks up the stressed, fast-paced rhythm of college life. It’s like taking a breather. I always feel so much more at ease after daily Mass. It’s a much more fulfilling study break than drinking your stresses away. 

3. It puts life into perspective. So, you’ve got this HUGE test tomorrow that counts for, like, 25% of your grade! And then you go to Mass, and you see that this test isn’t the end-all. Sure, you still have to work hard and study, but eternal life is the true aim. 

4. It creates fellowship. Chances are, the other people who go to daily Mass are pretty similar to you. So you make some great friends that way!


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