The Wisdom of C.S. Lewis

I am currently reading C.S. Lewis’s Mere Christianity, and let me just say, IT IS THE BEST BOOK EVER!!! I highly recommend it. Anyway, I really want to make a post about it, except my own paraphrasing wouldn’t do it justice. So I’m going to utilize quotes–C.S. Lewis has a wonderful way of putting things.

C.S. Lewis on why God exists:

“…human beings, all over the earth, have this curious idea that they ought to behave in a certain way, and cannot really get rid of it.” (i.e. a common sense of right and wrong; conscience; natural law)

“The moment you say that one set of moral ideas can be better than another, you are, in fact, measuring them both by a standard, saying that one of them conforms to that standard more nearly than the other….You are, in fact, comparing them both with some Real Morality, admitting that there is such a thing as a real Right, independent of what people think, and that some people’s ideas get nearer to that real Right than others.”

“If there were a controlling power outside the universe, it could not show itself to us as one of the facts inside the universe….The only way in which we could expect it to show itself would be inside ourselves as an influence or command trying to get us to behave in a certain way.”

In other words, the fact that an absolute Right exists and that it is implanted within us shows that God exists. It also shows that He is the source of all goodness.

C.S. Lewis on the Problem of Evil

“But how had I got the this idea of just and unjust? … What was I comparing this universe with when I called it unjust? If the who show was bad and senseless from A to Z…why did I, who was supposed to be part of the show, find myself in such violent reaction against it?” (i.e. this idea of just and unjust could only come from God)

C.S. Lewis on the Complexity of Religion

“It is no good asking for a simple religion. After all, real things are not simple.”

“Reality, in fact, is usually something you could not have guessed. That is one of the reasons I believe Christianity. … If it offered us just the kind of universe we had always expected, I should feel we were making it up.”

C.S. Lewis on the Divinity of Christ

“Either this man was, and is, the Son of God: or else a madman or something worse [Satan].” (i.e. someone who claims to be the Son of God is either A) who He says He is, B) crazy, or C) the devil)



14 thoughts on “The Wisdom of C.S. Lewis

  1. Seeing as you’re a roman catholic and recommending that book, then I am determined not to read it.

    That book is obviously not challenging the false teachings that you are adhering to, and therefore the book is no use or value..

    • Mere Christianity, in actuality, is about Christianity in its most basic form. That is, what is common to all forms of Christianity. So any Christian would benefit from reading this book. In fact, C.S. Lewis was Anglican. Many Christians read C.S. Lewis, from Catholic to Baptist to Orthodox. I would hate for you to miss out on this great book due to the misconceptions you have regarding Catholicism!

      • Anglicanism is just un-poped /de-poped catholicism… I of course I have heard of CS Lewis,, shadowlands etc
        But I prefer to get my understanding of the church from the scriptures..

      • Yeah, I’ve heard that Anglicans are pretty much Catholic minus the Pope. It certainly is nice that we Christians have so many resources that help us understand the faith better. Of course, the Bible is the only sacred writing out there—-to the Bible, all other writings are secondary. But I find it helpful that people like C.S. Lewis have offered their own perspectives that help me to understand Sacred Scripture better (drawing from Biblical quotes at the same time, like any good writer of Christian apologetics would do).

      • I dont read testimony books either, or commentaries..
        I hate them, and find them useless really…and anyway I don’t like to have to use someone elses thoughts, seeing as I already have a brain, a Soul, and spirit etc…

      • I just had a look at your bog,,. and gotta say, that I do not believe that your christian, seeing as you refer to your conversion to catholicism…
        Perhaps you would be better off getting a bible, rather than the CS Lewis book…he obviously has not challenged your beliefs as a roman catholic…

      • Well, the Bible doesn’t challenge my beliefs as a Roman Catholic either (the books of the Bible were, after all, determined in 382 by the Council of Rome) – It wouldn’t make too much sense for the Catholic Church to create something that condemned Herself. And, if the Catholic Church is wrong, it does not follow that She could create something good like the Bible.

        And, as for your dislike of Christian writings that are not the Bible: to each his own, I suppose! πŸ™‚

      • the books of the bible as far as I know were determines a long time before that, essentially by the early church..
        well before 382…
        the catholic so called church did not create the bible..
        catholicism did not come into being properly until constantine..
        then after that they persecuted and murdered as many waldenses as possible..and the cathars, albigenses…
        please do not try to insult my intelligence by telling me that catholicism created the bible.
        the catholic so called church used the corrupted manuscripts, ie false gospels, of Origen..which is essentially how the NIV came about.
        the bible I refer to is the King James Bible, a Bible that I know the catholic so called church absolutely hates..
        you cannot justify the dogmas of rome from the scriptures..

      • There is a nuance here: I would agree that the Catholic Church did not CREATE the Bible. Obviously the various books and epistles were written by various people, inspired by the Holy Spirit. The Catholic Church COMPILED the Bible. She chose (with Divine Inspiration) which books would be included and which would not be included.

        Before 382, there were lots of books in use (some of which would eventually become part of the New Testament), but they were not formally part of a Bible. Some of these books ended up being thrown out as not being divinely inspired. The Church realized she needed to make a standardized book for liturgical use (i.e. Mass). And we still rely heavily on Scripture in Mass. Most Masses, there’s 1 O.T. reading, 1 Psalm, 1 reading from an epistle, and 1 Gospel reading. Plus, most responses during Mass are taken from Scripture. We say, “And with your spirit” a lot, which Paul frequently uses in his greetings in his letters.

        Also, the “early church” is the Catholic Church. The first Pope after Peter (32 AD to 67 AD) was St. Linus (67 AD to 76 AD). And there was an unbroken chain from there (

        I wouldn’t say that the Catholic Church “hates” the KJV Bible. She just considers it a less accurate and less precise translation of original manuscripts. I mean, I’ve compared it to Catholic Bibles before, and the translations are not terribly different. I would consider it to be quite eloquent, in fact. My preferred translation is the Douay-Rheims Bible. It’s probably the Catholic Bible that is the most similar in style to the KJV. I like the Old English vibe. πŸ˜€

        And which particular Catholic dogmas did you have in mind that cannot be supported by Scripture?

      • I should think that you are using a Missal are you, as well as your catholic catechism..?
        If you as a roman catholic, having read the bible, are not convicted of sin, and of the sinfulness of catholic dogma’s, then you have a serious problem Mister,
        Not I..

      • The Missal basically contains two things: Biblical readings for Mass, and hymns.

        Yeah, I have a copy of the Catechism of the Catholic Church. What it contains is in harmony with the Bible. In fact, the CCC quotes Sacred Scriptures quite a lot.

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