Ask a College-Aged Catholic

I needed some controversy in my life. Hence, I present to you, the first ever “Ask A College-Aged Catholic” post on my blog.

Haha, jk about the controversy. I will only respond to comments that are earnest inquiries.

I enjoy dialogue, so have at it: comment below! 😀


3 thoughts on “Ask a College-Aged Catholic

  1. Do you mean cultural catholic or faithful to the Magesterium Catholic? If the second, what were your patents and how did you end up capital
    C? If the first, why do you bother to identify with something that you are against?

    • Thanks for the response!

      I’m a faithful-to-the-Magesterium Catholic. My parents are cultural Catholics. I was a cultural Catholic until the age of 16, when I had a rather miraculous experience at my Confirmation. It’s a long story (you can read about it here: To summarize, the Holy Spirit completely changed my heart at my Confirmation. I’m very lucky. I went from hating Mass to not being able to get enough of it! I started studying Catholicism and discovered its great beauty and coherence.

      It took another year after that experience to become faithful to the Magesterium; my parents are politically liberal, and I live in a liberal state, so it took me a while to wrap my mind around the Church’s teachings on abortion and gay marriage. I studied these issues a lot, and it was still hard to accept. After a particularly powerful retreat I came to the conclusion that I’m not bigger than 2000 years of theology. Once I was open to the possibility that the Church was right, I started to see the beauty in Her teachings.

      • Only through the pursuit of Truth does one find such humility… the trick is to keep it each and every day. I find that the JP2 Catholics are putting all of us 2VC Catholics to shame. It is your generation that has the fate of the world in its hands. Mine has pushed it to the edge of hell. Whether your can pull it back remains to be seen. However I am very encouraged by those like you. Mat Our Lord keep you on His path for His names sake and for the sake of all men.

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