Blog of the Year 2012 Award

Thank you to acatholicteenapologist and teenofchrist for nominating me for this award! I am honored!

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My nominees are:

1. teenofchrist ( – I love these thoughtful reflections of a teenage Catholic!

2. acatholicteenapologist ( – I love how informative this blog is…and it’s even cooler that it comes from a Catholic teen!

3. John Bender ( – This is an awesome blog by a seminarian!


Vice Presidential Debates

Today during my study hall I watched last night’s vice presidential debates on YouTube.

In my opinion, Ryan won. He acted with more dignity than Biden. I had never watched any Biden debates before, and I found him to be kind of fiery and worked up. He took a lot of cheap shots. For example, after Ryan had spoken at one point, Biden sarcastically says, “AMAZING.” And Biden kept laughing at Ryan. During the closing statements, Ryan thanked Biden, but Biden didn’t thank Ryan. In general, I was unimpressed by the way Biden conducted himself.

I thought Ryan conducted himself more maturely than Biden, even though Biden is older. Once, when Biden kept interrupting him, Ryan took a step back from the situation and said that their debate would be far more useful to the American people if they stopped interrupting each other. And as Biden spoke, he wasn’t laughing at him.

I’m not writing this post simply for politics. Back to Catholicism. Did you know both the VP candidates are Catholic? The moderator, Martha Raddatz, brought this point up before she asked the candidates the role religion plays in their politics. Here’s a YouTube clip from the debate:

Alright, time for a little ranting. If you believe abortion is killing, how can you NOT want to advocate for laws against it if you’re in a position of political power? If you truly believe abortion is wrong, you’d have stances more like Ryan’s.

You can have your own opinions, but I kind of wish Ryan was running for PRESIDENT. Maybe someday…