My Top 3 Media Pet-Peeves

Recently I’ve been growing more and more skeptical of the media. Prior to my conversion experience, I was more on the liberal side of things (although, really pretty apathetic towards politics in general). When you see the world through liberal eyes, you don’t really notice the biases of the media because, well, the media definitely has a bias towards the left.

The media really does a great disservice for the Catholic Church. It’s no wonder that people don’t see the Church in a favorable light.

Here are my Top 3 Media Pet-Peeves:

3) The insistence that employers should provide contraceptive coverage for their employees (i.e. news on Hobby Lobby). This is just ridiculous. EVEN if you believe contraception is fine, it’s still ridiculous. Why do employers have to include any particular items in coverage plans? If you don’t like your employer’s insurance coverage, get a job somewhere else!

And to the protesters holding these signs: Hobby Lobby would be more “in your bedroom” when they ARE giving you contraception. They aren’t saying you can’t use it. They’re simply saying they aren’t going to buy it for you.

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2) Talk of those raging protesters in front of abortion clinics. Ever since the Supreme Court decision that struck down the buffer zone in front of an abortion clinic in Massachusetts, my local news channel has been covering how that ruling will affect Planned Parenthood in my area. I come from a REALLLLLLLLLLY liberal place, and the news is just SOOOO incredibly biased. I expect a more professional presentation from a “news source.” The anchorwoman said that the buffer zone protects women seeking “health care” from “harassment by protesters.” I fully understand that “health care” is a subjective term. But “harassment.” Then the news show flipped to a video of said “harassers.” It was one old lady praying under a tree near the Planned Parenthood door. Harassment? Oh come on. Yeah….she looked pretty threatening.

1) Acting like the Catholic Church has changed, AND how this “change” is an improvement upon the Church’s old backward ways. Several things bug me about this. First, the Catholic Church hasn’t changed. Pope Francis, though his demeanor is much different than that of his predecessor, hasn’t changed doctrines. The media either misrepresents what our Holy Father has said, or they act like what he said goes against Catholic doctrine. That “new” Catholic doctrine?—That’s simply Catholicism, as it always has been. What bothers me most about the media’s portrayal of Catholic “change” is that they act like the Church was awful before. *rolls eyes*

Seriously, I expect so much more out of the media. They should be researching their topics and presenting a balanced look at issues.


Abortion (Cue Beethoven’s 5th)

Now that the appropriate mood is set….

I used to be pro-choice. (GASP!) As I’ve mentioned before, I don’t come from a highly-Catholic family, so my parents are kind of liberal. And so I was liberal for a long time.

But, as I explored the Catholic Church’s teachings and read up on abortion, I saw the light.

I believe there are two primary disconnects that cause such an acceptance of abortion.

1) It’s seen as human progress. You know, freeing the slaves, civil rights movement, abortion. SAY WHAT? Well, that’s how it’s taught in AP Gov. Those things are all taught as a part of civil rights and liberties. Doesn’t really sound like civil rights for the babies involved. 

2) People don’t actually know what happens in an abortion. When I read about it, I actually cried. It’s infuriating. In one method, the baby is killed by an injection of saline that burns him/her. In another method, the child is pretty much dismembered and taken out piece by piece. Gruesomely, his/her brains are literally sucked out of the head. For more on the procedures, see here. Even worse, it is likely that the baby can feel the pain. No one knows exactly how early on the baby can feel the pain, but apparently there have been studies that show the baby wriggling away from instruments. 

Why is Abortion Wrong?

I don’t care if you’re a Catholic, atheist, or anything in between. Your human reason and religious beliefs (if applicable) shouldn’t make this too hard to figure out. 

From a purely philosophical standpoint:

You are a functioning human being reading this blog post right now. Before that, you were a kid, before that you were a baby, before that you were in your mother’s womb, before that you were conceived. Based on the example of YOU, embryos are people. Destroying you as an embryo would have destroyed you as you know yourself today, a conventional human being. Killing an embryo kills a person. 

From a religious standpoint:

“Thou shalt not kill.” ‘Nuff said.

Also, as Catholics we believe that God has a plan for every person. These plans intertwine with the plans for others to form our beautiful lives. So, we’re at liberty to just remove a piece of the puzzle of humanity? (Clearly, God can adjust because He’s GOD, but seriously, who do we think we are?)

5 Things You Perhaps Had Never Considered Regarding Abortion

  1. Mary didn’t ask for an abortion. And Jesus was pretty much an unplanned pregnancy. Mary recognized that God’s will had to be done. After the angel Gabriel told her about her imminent pregnancy, she replied, “Behold, I am the handmaid of the Lord; let it be to me according to your word” (Luke 1:38).
  2. Planned Parenthood, which commits most abortion-murders, is in it to make money. Of course they’re going to encourage abortion and act like it’s normal. They’re going to claim they are trying to HELP women (even though they hurt baby women). Cha-ching. Don’t fall for that.
  3. The early Church fathers condemned abortion. The “Didache,” aka “The Teaching of the Twelve Apostles” dates back to the late first or early second century. This work was pretty much a catechism, which you can read in its entirety here. In chapter 2, it reads: “You shall not murder a child by an abortion nor kill that which is begotten.”
  4. The pro-life world is bigger than the news makes it out to be. Remember, most new sources are liberal. There is an annual March for Life in Washington, D.C.,where pro-lifers from around the country gather in a rally against abortion. 650,000 (,_D.C.) people attended this year. How does that not make the news!!!???
  5. Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood, was into eugenics. Eugenics is basically what Hitler was all about— the idea that certain groups of people, based on their physical features, are inferior to others. She was racist too, believing that those with light skin were superior to those with dark skin. She even spoke at Ku Klux Klan rallies ( And her organization sure has done a good job of killing black babies– it’s terrible. According to, black women are 5 times more likely to get an abortion than white women are. 

Bottom line: Abortion = bad

Loving God means loving what He creates.