Catholic Book Reviews, Twitter Style

I’ve read some pretty great apologetics/theology/philosophy books in the past year. Here are book reviews for these works, each in 140 characters or less! 


Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis:

From its lucid philosophy to its compelling way of presenting theology, this book is fantastic for the Christian & non-Christian alike.


Orthodoxy by G.K. Chesterton:

Written by a master of paradox, this book makes a compelling case for orthodox Christianity through clever analogies and lucid philosophy.


St. Thomas Aquinas: The Dumb Ox by G.K. Chesterton:

A good introduction to St. Thomas Aquinas, the man behind the Summa. A bit wordy at times though.


In the Beginning by Pope Benedict XVI:

An exquisite and artful look at how Catholics view the creation story in Genesis and how the New Testament connects.


The Case for Christ by Lee Strobel:

A former atheist journalist investigates scientific, corroborative, historical, & other evidence 4 the accuracy of Biblical account of Jesus