Must-Watch YouTube Channels for Catholic Teens

Let me share some of my favorite video resources with you fellow young Catholics!!

1) New Catholic Generation: NCG is a group of Catholic vloggers ages 16-19. I thoroughly enjoy watching their videos! I highly recommend them! Some of the YouTube channel names: ChurchTriumphant, teenconvert, youngcatholicapologe, Lucy S., Sirena Mafnas, SheIsCatholic, WhyImCatholic, CalledToBeCatholic, MayHeBePraised, PureBrideOfChrist, Damon Hopkins, Rachel Kateri Hitchcock, SheSpeaksWithWisdom, CatholicSwagGirl, RebornPureAdmin (who started NCG), and Kephasmartyr. There are even more, I’m sure, but I haven’t discovered them all yet. These fellow Catholics have such great things to say, and it’s encouraging to know that there are so many other passionate Catholic teens out there!!

2) YouTube channel “Jérôme, Le Cathologue”: This is a great channel if you want to simultaneously learn Catholic stuff and improve your French. These videos are put on by some Catholic TV channel in France. They’re super funny, super informative, and super well done.

3) YouTube channel WordOnFire: These videos aren’t specifically for a teenage audience, but they’re still great. Videos are done by Father Robert Barron and his Chicago ministry Word on Fire, which produced the acclaimed “Catholicism” video series. Fr. Barron basically comments on society, politics, and religion in his videos. He’s really smart and I always learn a lot listening to his videos.


Cool FREE Catholic Apps for iPhone and iPad

I must have downloaded all the Catholic apps in the App Store to try them out. Here are my favorites (they’re all free!):

1) Compline – This app gives you a really nice audio version (with nice music) of this Liturgy of the Hours prayer. It’s very tech savvy too in that it looks very professional. It also has a feature that lets you see where others in the world are praying with the app. (Look under iPhone apps for this one.)

2) Word On Fire – All the latest videos, articles, and more from Father Barron’s ministry Word on Fire! (Look under iPhone apps for this one.)

3) Verbum – This app gives you a set of books. There’s the Bible, the Lives of the Saints, a guide to Latin, and some books in Greek that I obviously can’t understand. (I think this available for both the iPad and the iPhone.)

4) EWTN – You get their broadcasting. Since I don’t have cable, this is pretty cool! (For the iPad.)

Any other cool apps you’ve found? Comment below!

Evangelizing Through Beauty: A commentary by Fr. Barron

I am a huge fan of Fr. Robert Barron’s ministry Word on Fire. Here’s one of his most recent video commentaries. He talks about how when evangelized, people are drawn in first through the Beauty of Catholicism. Then they see the Good (morals) of Catholicism. Finally they see the Truth of the faith.
As I was watching this awesome video, I was thinking, “That’s exactly how it was for me!! What a coincidence!” At my Confirmation, I was amazed by the beauty of the sacrament. Then I started looking into Catholic moral teachings and was further impressed. But part of me still couldn’t deal with teachings on abortion, the Real Presence, etc. But then I saw the TRUTH in Catholicism!!!