Must-Watch YouTube Channels for College-Aged Catholics!

A little over three years ago, I published a post entitled “Must-Watch YouTube Channels for Catholic Teens”. It has been among my most-viewed blog posts since. So I thought, well, why not make another similar post? In no particular order, I present to you my must-watch YouTube channels for college-aged Catholics!

  1. Father Mike Schmitz! If Father Mike isn’t a household name at your college’s Catholic student center, he should be! Father Mike is the priest at the Catholic Center at the University of Minnesota, Duluth. He speaks at conferences (such as SEEK, a large conference for Catholic college students across the country), and he even has his own podcast. He comes out with a new video every Wednesday through the YouTube channel Ascension Presents. The topics are always super interesting– “Aren’t all churches the same?“, “I ain’t afraid of no ghosts!“, and “Praying in a state of mortal sin,” to name a few.
  2. FOCUS! FOCUS stands for “Fellowship of Catholic University Students.” This organization has a bunch of wonderful videos. I particularly like the videos of the talks from SEEK, the aforementioned yearly national conference of Catholic college students. If you were unable to attend SEEK, you can watch all the talks on this channel! The conference attracts a lot of the classic Catholic speakers (Jason Evert, Father Mike again, Matt Fradd, Leah Darrow, Chris Stefanick, etc.), and in these videos they deliver messages specifically for our age group!
  3. Bishop Robert Barron! I mentioned Bishop Barron in my must-watch YouTube videos post from 2013, except back then he was Father Barron, not Bishop Barron! I was listening to Bishop Barron before he was cool. 😉 Anyway, I’ve long been a fan of how intellectual his videos are. I always learn a lot from him.
  4. Chris Stefanick! Chris Stefanick is another one of the aforementioned “classic Catholic speakers.” I think his speaking may be geared to a slightly younger audience (high school?), but I still find his videos relevant (he has spoken at SEEK before). He’s just a super dynamic speaker, and he has great messages too!

Have I missed your favorite Catholic YouTube channels? Comment below!


Must-Watch YouTube Channels for Catholic Teens

Let me share some of my favorite video resources with you fellow young Catholics!!

1) New Catholic Generation: NCG is a group of Catholic vloggers ages 16-19. I thoroughly enjoy watching their videos! I highly recommend them! Some of the YouTube channel names: ChurchTriumphant, teenconvert, youngcatholicapologe, Lucy S., Sirena Mafnas, SheIsCatholic, WhyImCatholic, CalledToBeCatholic, MayHeBePraised, PureBrideOfChrist, Damon Hopkins, Rachel Kateri Hitchcock, SheSpeaksWithWisdom, CatholicSwagGirl, RebornPureAdmin (who started NCG), and Kephasmartyr. There are even more, I’m sure, but I haven’t discovered them all yet. These fellow Catholics have such great things to say, and it’s encouraging to know that there are so many other passionate Catholic teens out there!!

2) YouTube channel “Jérôme, Le Cathologue”: This is a great channel if you want to simultaneously learn Catholic stuff and improve your French. These videos are put on by some Catholic TV channel in France. They’re super funny, super informative, and super well done.

3) YouTube channel WordOnFire: These videos aren’t specifically for a teenage audience, but they’re still great. Videos are done by Father Robert Barron and his Chicago ministry Word on Fire, which produced the acclaimed “Catholicism” video series. Fr. Barron basically comments on society, politics, and religion in his videos. He’s really smart and I always learn a lot listening to his videos.

L’Évangélisation: en France et aux États-Unis (with English translation)


Bonjour aux catholiques du monde francophone! Je suis américaine, et je prend français à l’école. Mon français n’est pas très bon, alors je voudrais demander pardon en avance pour mes erreurs.

Mon blog est en anglais pour la plupart, mais peut-être je devrais faire quelques postes en français de temps en temps.

Maintenant: la poste pour aujourd’hui…

Puisque j’aime le français et le catholicisme, j’ai cherché des vidéos au sujet des choses catholiques en français sur YouTube. Et j’ai trouvé ça!:
Si vous comprenez le français (ou si vous êtes comme moi et comprenez des parties), regardez ça s’il vous plaît; c’est très chouette.

Après le voir, j’ai des nouvelles idées sur comment nous faisons d’évangélisation. Dans le vidéo, il y avait de jeunes catholiques qui sont devenus missionaires. Après apprendre comment à être missionaires, ils sont allés aux rues! Ils ont salué des gens, ils les ont invités à l’église, et ils les ont donnés de petites papiers avec information au sujet des festivales et des concertes catholiques! Et la chose la plus importante: ils ont partager leur foi avec les personnes. Pourquoi est-ce que nous ne faisons pas ces choses aux États-Unis? ÇA c’est d’évangéliser la culture!

En générale, je trouve qu’il y a plus de resources sur Internet pour des jeunes catholiques en français qu’en anglais. Par exemple, il y a <> sur YouTube qui est très amusant. (Pour une épisode:

Les États-Unis, le pays que j’aime: Tirez des jeunes à l’Église! Soyez comme l’autre pays que j’aime: la France!

In English:

Hello to the Catholics of the French speaking world! I am American, and I take French at school. My French isn’t good, so I apologize for my errors in advance.

My blog is mostly in English, but maybe I should do posts in French from time to time.

Now: the post for today:

Because I love French and Catholicism, I looked for videos in French on Catholic stuff on YouTube. And I found this:
If you understand French (or if you’re like me and understand parts of it), watch this please. It’s really cool!

After seeing it, I have new ideas about the way we evangelize. In the video, there were young Catholics who became missionaries. After learning how to be missionaries, they went to the roads! They greet people, they invited people to the church, and they gave them little papers about Catholic festivals and concerts! And the most important thing: they shared their faith with the people. Why don’t we do these things in the US? THAT’S evangelizing the culture!

In general, I find that there are more resources on the Internet for young Catholics in French than in English. For example, there’s “The Cathologue” on YouTube that is very amusing. (For an episode:

USA, the country I love: draw young people to the Church! Be like the other country I love: France!

Evangelizing Through Beauty: A commentary by Fr. Barron

I am a huge fan of Fr. Robert Barron’s ministry Word on Fire. Here’s one of his most recent video commentaries. He talks about how when evangelized, people are drawn in first through the Beauty of Catholicism. Then they see the Good (morals) of Catholicism. Finally they see the Truth of the faith.
As I was watching this awesome video, I was thinking, “That’s exactly how it was for me!! What a coincidence!” At my Confirmation, I was amazed by the beauty of the sacrament. Then I started looking into Catholic moral teachings and was further impressed. But part of me still couldn’t deal with teachings on abortion, the Real Presence, etc. But then I saw the TRUTH in Catholicism!!!